MASTER copywriter is looking for three new
clients to help them MAKE A FORTUNE

Do you think your personal development business can benefit
FINANCIALLY from the experience of one of the
TOP copywriters and marketing strategists

How would you like to sell hundreds, (or better yet thousands) of your books, CDs, DVDs or anything else each and everyday using PROVEN marketing strategies – that feature irresistible, must-buy-today sales copy?

Dear Friend,

My name is Peter Wink and there are three things I CAN do for you and your business.

FIRST, I want to help you systematically acquire a marching stampede of strategically targeted, information-starved, brand new customers that are frothing at the mouth to buy your materials or attend your events.

(This is what us "in the know" marketing geeks call "frontend" marketing. Unfortunately, most authors do this poorly, too expensively OR in most cases, they do not do it at all. This is why most cannot sell their products EVEN if their life depended on it.)

SECOND, I want to help you sell a heck of a lot more of your products and services to your existing customers in a systematic, predictable way. (Note the term "systematic!" I did not use this word by accident nor was I even remotely negligent. Using "systems" is the key to effective, profitable marketing — and your ability to reasonably predict cash flow. This is EASY MONEY when you know what youíre doing.)

And FINALLY (drum roll please!) —

I want to help you make a fortune. (And not figuratively – I mean LITERALLY!)

And thereís no question I can do it. My sales copy has sold multi-millions of dollars worth of products and services. Iíve been successfully writing copy for more than 20 years — dating back to when I worked for the #1 motivational retailer Successories. That was back in 1991 – in the old cassette days. For Successories, I wrote store advertisements/signage, newspaper/flyer ads, mall advertisements, and even came up with all the daily and monthly promotions.

From there I went on write copy for and promote some of the biggest names and organizations in the personal development and self-help business.

And thatís not all...

Iíve also marketed and written copy for a slew of other products and services for some extremely large brands including Accenture, LensCrafters, Jamba Juice, Rockwell International, Livinity, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Youngevity, and others. My sales copy and marketing strategies have helped sell millions and millions of dollars worth of smoothies, food, business opportunities, snacks, computer software, hair products, jewelry, doughnuts, coffee, and more. You may have even seen some of my ads or articles in newspapers and magazines including USA Today, The Reader, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Entrepreneur, Succeed, and Think Big.

For you as a personal development author, and information marketer, the bottom line is this —

Iíve already written copy that sold millions and millions of dollars worth of products including books, CDs, DVDs, webinars, teleseminars, and live event tickets. AND Iíve done this online and offline.

There is an art and science to copywriting that virtually nobody quite understands, much less can execute.

For instance...

Did you know all outrageously successful authors and speakers have whatís called a "marketing funnel" to attract new customers and sell them tons of their materials?

Did you know that there is one part of an ad that is by far the most important? (When you get it right, it can instantly deliver you 1000% sales growth)

Did you know that there are certain ways to write a "call to action" so your prospects and customers actually "buy?"

Did you know that there are VERY SPECIFIC WORDS in sales copy that instantly get a self-help buyerís attention?

Did you know that there is a very scientific, systematic approach to how your sales copy needs to read?

Did you know there are three components that every ad must have in sync to be successful?

Did you know that there are specific words, phrases, and sentences that are virtually GUARANTEED to increase your sales?

Did you know there is a very specific way of formatting emails so they have a better chance of being read?

Did you know there is a specific way to write your subject line to keep your emails out of your customer's and prospectís spam folders?

Did you know that discounting and using the word "FREE" could absolutely crush your offer and destroy your credibility?

Did you know there are certain words used in emails that guarantee a trip into someoneís spam filter?

Did you know that marketing campaigns for "new prospects" and "existing customers" have to be treated completely different from each other?

Did you know that well-executed systematic, sequential marketing is the gateway to a fortune?

Did you know that just about every advertising agency uses inexperienced, fresh-out-of-school copywriters that have no clue what they are doing? (AND they are charging you top dollar for their services!)

I could go on asking you questions like this all day long. The good news is that I donít have time to keep going and neither do you. You will get an opportunity to ask me anything you want for FREE. More on that later.

Now just like you, I constantly get sales promotions in the mail. I also get a huge list of them through email. Whatís funny is that most of these businesses and individuals expect you to hand them your hard-earned cash just by their sheer existence.

The reality is that 92% of advertisements and promotions (and maybe yours) go straight in the garbage can or into a prospectís "trash" folder. Their copywriters have no idea how to properly craft an "irresistible" offer. This is a VERY COSTLY mistake. Costly in time AND money AND opportunity. And those are three things you cannot afford to lose. This is exactly what happens when you work with an inexperienced copywriter.

Letís do a quick exercise.

I want you to answer some questions, no matter how painful...

How much does it cost you everytime you send an advertisement or promotion? How much did you spend for media? Are you 100% sure that media rates were properly negotiated by your staff or consultants up front? How much did it cost you in employeeís salaries or consulting fees? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions of dollars?

Now multiply that by how many times you send them. What is the true cost?

Now think about the amount of time and effort it took to manage this wasteful process. How much time did this add up to? Couldnít all this time have been better spent elsewhere?

And finally, how much revenue slipped through your fingers while all these wasteful campaigns were running? See what I mean? This is the predictable result of ineffective campaigns managed by inexperienced marketing managers, employees, copywriters, and consultants.

Fortunately for you, Iím extremely conscientious about what Iím doing. Iíve been around the block and through the ringer more times than I want to admit. Thatís one sign of a REAL MASTER COPYWRITER and STRATEGIST.

Iíve tested thousands of self-help and personal development ads, emails, online offers, and direct mail pieces. I cannot even start to tell you how many headlines, offers, bonuses, guarantees and PSí Iíve tested. I donít even want to tell you how much money Iíve risked doing all these promotions. So I have a pretty darn good idea what will AND wonít work.

I want to take a minute and be VERY upfront with you...

YES — I have scored some amazing marketing results.

AND yes — I admit it right here and now — Iíve also tested copy and offers that sank quicker than the Titanic. Luckily this RARELY happens. The good news is that any copywriter worth their weight learns from their own mistakes and those of others. Any copywriter who tells you they can predict with 100% accuracy what a marketing campaign will do is lying to you. If youíre thinking of working with someone like that — hereís a piece of profitable advice — close your wallet or snap up your purse, turn and run. They are trying to con you.

All that counts are REAL results. And your best shot is to work with a proven Master Copywriter who has attained measurable results over and over. Like you, I want to see the cash. My motto is "Show me daí money!" Thatís how you measure the success of your marketing.

And to get results...


Case in point... most copywriters would not have been able to keep your interest in this letter for this long. 99% of them would have failed at that task. This is just a fact.

And think about this for a minute... When was the last time a copywriter ever had the guts to put their reputation on the line and write a letter to you promoting themselves, their work and their level of credibility? (And at the same time giving you a sample of their work!)

Iím going to go out on a limb here and guess that you have never received even one. Heck, I was a Senior Marketing Manager for the Nightingale-Conant Corporation (the #1 self help and personal development publisher in the world) for almost 10 years and never received one promotion from a copywriter. And we were a premier direct marketer – using direct mail, print advertising, email marketing, broadcast fax, Internet – all needing GREAT copywriters. And it was at Nightingale-Conant that I became one of the best copywriters and promoters in the personal development and self-help biz. Thatís one thing that differentiates me from the crowd — I am a Master Copywriter and Marketing Strategist for authors, speakers and celebrities in the personal development and self-help business.

"Getting ready for a marketing meeting at Nightingale Conant Corporation."

Before I go any further, I want to share a RECENT note I received from the CEO of the Nightingale-Conant Corporation. Admittedly, Iím darn proud of it and really want you to read it. The letter lauds my marketing skills, management talents and (most importantly) my work ethic & integrity. Here it is —

"I have worked with Peter Wink for more than 10 years and I have learned he is unique in the field of Personal Development Marketing. He always gravitates to the big picture goal and then professionally breaks down each step into actionable detailed steps. He has a firm grasp of copy, as both a writer and editor. I know that if Peter is given a project, he will execute it at a level beyond expectation. There is no stone that goes unturned when working with Peter on creating a successful promotion or a successful marketing team. I highly recommend Peter as a reliable and professional resource in your marketing efforts."

- Gary Chappell
President/CEO, Nightingale Conant Corporation

Hereís something real important to know. Gary is probably the biggest stickler on sales copy I ever met. I remember early on when we worked together daily — bringing him sales copy with my hands shaking when I handed it over. I also remember how good it felt to hear "GREAT JOB!"

Hereís another reason you probably have not received a letter like this...

There are very few copywriters who specialize in self-help and personal development. And of those, only a teeny weenie, tiny percentage is worth its weight in gold. Seriously I know. The worldwide community of solid, PROVEN self-help and personal development Master Copywriters can fit into maybe two rows in a movie theater – if even that. The beauty is that most of us know each other and network — and are more than willing to share our best practices with each other. Another benefit to you. Iím in the "club."

So, hereís another thing that differentiates me from the crowd — I am constantly staying in touch with all the newest online and offline copywriting secrets.

Every week I dedicate a portion of time to study the top books written by the most credible Master Copywriters and Strategic Marketers. And whenever possible Iím attending marketing and copywriting seminars to learn even more.

I am also part of a small network of the best copywriters on the planet. Most I met from my years in the industry. Others come through my formal membership in one of the top copywriting and marketing groups on the planet — Glazer-Kennedy.

"Me with my mentor — the legendary marketing genius Dan Kennedy"

Iíve conceptualized, written and executed successful...

•  Direct mail campaigns
•  Email campaigns
•  Newspaper and magazine ads
•  Websites
•  Social media campaigns
•  Radio campaigns
•  TV infomercial campaigns
•  Magazine articles
•  Advertorials

These are campaigns that have brought in millions and millions of dollars. I can do these for you as well.

Hereís something else that differentiates me from the crowd — I have been annointed the "The Marketer of the Marketers" in my career This is a very unique honor indeed.

I wrote SUCCESSFUL sales copy for and promoted personal and business development programs by some of the best marketers on the planet. These are the guys who get paid to do what Iím doing. I write for them. I have no time to list them all, but here are a few...

I wrote SUCCESSFUL copy for and promoted Your Secret Wealth, The Mr. X Marketing Manual and How to Get From You Are to Where You Want to Be by marketing consultant Jay Abraham. (Some say heís the highest paid marketing consultant and copywriter in the world.)

I wrote SUCCESSFUL copy for and promoted Your Wish Is Your Command and The Global Information Network for controversial media darling Kevin Trudeau (author of the Natural Cures book series and the top selling individual marketer in infomercial history).

Here are two direct quotes (just as typed – strange punctuation and all) in two emails sent to me from Kevin Trudeau himself...

You are and you get the job done!

...the stats tell the story...your stats are-getting the emails, direct mail..out on time and keeping your own stats..-the results of your email/dm all good!!!!!!!!

I wrote SUCCESSFUL copy for and promoted 62 Free Ways to Grow Your Profits by Jay Conrad Levinson (author of the famous Guerilla Marketing book series.) In the words of Jay himself...

"Peter Wink is a guerrilla through and through. He's an exceptionally pleasant person with whom to work as well as a brilliant copywriter with an understanding of marketing that is nothing short of awesome. Consider yourself blessed to have any opportunity to work with him."

— Jay Conrad Levinson, Founder of Guerilla Marketing, Bestselling author of the entire Guerilla Marketing book series and one of the top marketing consultants in the world.

I wrote SUCCESSFUL copy for and promoted Joe Sugarmanís marketing book trilogy that included his books Advertising Secrets of the Written Word, Marketing Secrets of a Mail Order Maverick, and Television Secrets for Marketing Success. (Joe Sugarman is the legendary CEO of BluBlocker, former CEO of JS&A, One of the Worldís Greatest Copywriters, and author of Triggers, Success Forces and the marketing book trilogy above.)

In fact...hereís what Joe Sugarman had to say about me in his own words...

"Peter Wink knows how to craft a strong sales message as a result of his years of marketing experience and his knowledge of good copywriting principles. I strongly recommend him for even the toughest challenges."

– Joe Sugarman

But wait thereís more...

I also wrote SUCCESSFUL copy for and promoted Attract Money Now, The Power of Outrageous Marketing, The Attractor Factor, The Awakening Course, The Missing Secret, The Secret to Attracting Money, Hypnotic Writing, Zero Limits III DVD, Zero Limits Book, The Solution, The Subliminal Manifestation Series, Attract a New Car, and Miracles Coaching by one of the greatest authors/copywriters ever... Dr. Joe Vitale — STAR of the movie The Secret.

In fact...hereís what Dr. Vitale says as only he can...

"Peter is without question a skilled marketer and copywriter. He knows how to get products in front of the right people and he is one of the few excellent copywriters out there."

– Dr. Joe Vitale

I also wrote copy at Nightingale-Conant for other BIG name "marketerís" products including Ted Nicholasí Magic Words audio program and even the GREAT Dan Kennedyís Magnetic Marketing. Oh and letís not forget the legendary Mark Victor Hansenís (of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" fame) How to Think Bigger Than You Ever Thought You Could Think.

And thatís not all...

Iíve written SUCCESSFUL copy for AND promoted programs for Nightingale-Conant by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Billy Blanks, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Sonia Choquette, Ram Dass, Leo Buscaglia, Matthew Lesko, Jim Rohn, Paul Hartunian, Napoleon Hill, Michael Gerber, Denis Waitley, Mike Vance, Roger Dawson, Michael Gelb, Robert Allen, and too many other personal development authors to list.

"Having a fun moment with my good friend Vic Conant,
Chairman of the Board, Nightingale Conanat Corporation."

And thereís more...

I have written SUCCESSFUL copy for BIG name authors including — Kevin Trudeau, Ed Foreman, Marshall Sylver, Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Joe Sugarman, Anthony Robbins, Earlene Vining, The Great Kreskin, Dan Millman, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Joel Bauer, Peter Ragnar and more.

I donít want to drone on too much longer but I want to let you know that my experience as a Master Copywriter and promoter also goes beyond personal development. This also helps me differentiate myself from the crowd —

Iíve also wrote SUCCESSFUL copy for and promoted big brand products you may have heard of including ...

•  LensCrafters
•  Jamba Juice
•  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
•  Rockwell International

And if thatís not enough, I spent three years as a top Senior Communications Consultant (and instructor) for consulting juggernaut Accenture.

It turns out that writing sales copy and putting together marketing strategies was my destiny...

You see, many years ago, I was a frustrated UPS Supervisor. One Friday night, fed up with my dead-end job, I took a stroll through our warehouse on a self-imposed, much-needed, stress-relieving 15-minute break. I chanced upon an executiveís office. Two things caught my eye through his office window...

First I saw a motivational lithograph on the wall, featuring a group of sled dogs, with the caption "If youíre not the lead dog your view never changes."


When I looked down, on his desk I saw the book, The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz. I figured if a successful executive was reading that book — maybe I should as well. I rushed out of work that night like a crazed maniac and bought the book from a local Barnes and Noble. I devoured it over the weekend. Must have read it three times.

I loved that book so much I went to the local library and checked out a slew of books by the late motivational speaker and philosopher Earl Nightingale. I was hooked.

From there I found a new job with Successories of Illinois where my marketing experience began. From there, I went on to work for the famous Nightingale-Conant Corporation — first in sales — and then rushed up the ladder in marketing and product development. YES, I can also produce books, CDs, ebooks, DVDs and online products.

I was fortunate to get the opportunity to learn copywriting and marketing directly from their published authors and other classic writers I studied along the way including Dan Kennedy, Paul Hartunian, Dr. Joe Vitale, Carl Galetti, Jay Abraham, Kevin Trudeau, Brad Richdale, Gary Halbert, Rosser Reeves, John Caples, Herschell Gordon Lewis, David Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, Albert Lasker, Fairfax Cone, Joe Sugarman and many others. I certainly do not expect you to know any of these marketers. The point is that I studied and learned from the best classic and current copywriters — and other marketing geniuses. And you can benefit.

During my tenure of almost 10 years with Nightingale-Conant I also studied attitude, motivation, business & leadership, technology and relationship skills. I became and still am a personal development diehard, junkie.

Hereís another thing that differentiates me from the crowd — Iím not only a personal development copywriter — Iím also a personal development customer. I can write from the viewpoint of the customer.

From there I went on to work individually with a "whoís who" of personal development and self-help speakers, authors, celebrities, and organizations. In between Iíve also wrote, edited and published two books and their corresponding audio programs — Negotiate Your Way to Riches and Buying Secrets Retailerís DONíT Want You to Know About. Iíve also co-authored several audio programs including The Science of Balanced Living Series and How to Stop Compromising and Start Living. Iím also the producer of a program for Pitcock Marketing called Success Seekers Monthly. And Iíve written columns for both Succeed and Think Big

Today, I spend most of my time, authoring and promoting my own personal development and self-help books, CDs and seminars.

Still... the one thing I cherish most is writing sales copy. Thereís nothing like writing and executing a successful marketing campaign.

So... Iíve decided to take some time from my other endeavors, and take on three new clients and help them grow their business and make a fortune. I get great satisfaction from helping clients get to the next level. It gives me a real rush of excitement and adrenaline. Itís hard to explain why — it just does — I truly love this business.

And thatís good news for you.

Hereís what a few of my clients are saying about me...

"Peter Wink has the very unique ability to see you, your product and your message in a way that you have never thought of. His insight on marketing your brand is so personal and makes you so likeable in the marketplace. His interviewing ability brings the absolute best out of you."

— Dave Pitcock, President of Pitcock Marketing, Author of The Thinking Cure, and Youngevityís #1 Distributor

"I discovered the unadvertised truth of some of my favorite speakers. I often marveled at how these star motivators wrote such captivating sales copy. They displayed amazing marketing prowess. Yet, I was soon to discover their secret. The genius pen belonged to my friend, Peter Wink."

— Peter Ragnar, President of Roaring Lion Publishing, Author of The Luminous Life, The Awesome Science of Luck, How to Build Muscle on a Raw Food Diet, How Long Do You Choose to Live, co-author of the Science of Balanced Living CD Interviews w/Peter Wink and many more.

"If thereís one thing Peter knows itís marketing. I consider him a genius when it comes to developing and executing marketing campaigns. Not only that, he is without question one of the best copywriters in the world.  He writes all my sales copy — I would never even consider anyone else."

— Dr Leonard Coldwell, President of Instinct Based Medicine Systems, Author of The Only Answer to Cancer, The Only Answer to Stress, Anxiety and Depression, The Only Answer to Success, The Only Answer to Tyranny, and How to Stop Compromising and Start Living w/Peter Wink among others.

"I have published 11 books. Of all the expert editors with whom I have worked, Peter Wink is the best. His keen eye and exceptional word-sense produce a high quality product. He is gifted marketer who always knows the best way to get results."

— Ron Ball, #1 Amway Speaker, Author of The Amway Idea, Dawns With Dexter, and The Mark of a Millionaire and eight other books.

"Peter Wink is one of the most proactive, creative and innovative marketers I have ever met. He commits above and beyond the call of duty on any and all projects he is working on. If you want someone to single-handedly take your business from the unknown into the hearts and minds of the public, Peter is the man for you!"

— Theresa Puskar, Hollywood Actress and Legendary Personal Development Producer/Writer.

Ok... now that you know all about me, and what I can do for you, it is time to make a decision.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Do you want to take your business to a whole new level?

Do you want to grow your customer list?

Do you want to start a new marketing campaign that can potentially bring in millions of dollars?

Are you ready to engage in PROVEN marketing strategies and systems?

Do you want to start shipping a slew of books, DVDs, CDs, — OR sell a ton of live event seminar tickets?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, letís talk.


Iím going to make it real easy for you. If you call me within the next 7 days, I will give you a —

FREE 30-minute Telephone Consultation!

Thatís right. We can go over all your personal development sales copy and/or marketing needs.

You can ask me about sales copy, marketing techniques, systems or anything else. Just nothing too personal. Just kidding. Smiley face

One thing...

Iím limiting this offer to ONLY THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE who schedule a phone appointment with me. I donít have time to get to everyone. So act now.

To schedule your FREE 30-minute Telephone Consultation with me, please call me at 1-224-698-7450 or email me at (If I do not pick up, just leave me a message)

(FREE 30-minute Telephone Consultation offer expires in 7 days)

All I ask is this...

Please do not call me unless you are serious about your business. Donít waste your time or mine. Iím only looking to work with people who want to do what it takes to move ahead. The world is chock full of tire-kickers, pretenders and wannabes. I have no interest in spending one iota of time with these type people.

On another note —

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and interested in working together on sales copy or your marketing strategy, feel free to call me at 1-224-698-7450 OR email me at

And just to be right upfront —

Iím ONLY taking on three new clients. Quite frankly, Iím busy working solely on referrals. Writing copy and doing strategic marketing takes time. You canít rush greatness. So if I cannot take you on right away, please do not be offended. The timing may be a little off. Could just be bad timing. Thatís why I cannot implore you enough when I say if you are interested in working together, call or email me as soon as possible. Donít miss this opportunity.


PLEASE NOTE: I do not come cheap. If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill cheap copywriter and/or supposed-marketing strategist, do us both a favor and look elsewhere. Iím sure they are easy to find. (Iím a Master Copywriter and Strategist — not some run-of-the-mill writer.)

If this is the route youíre going down, keep one thing in mind...

Good PROVEN successful copywriters and marketing strategists are worth every penny and then some. Cheap copywriters and marketing strategists are a waste of your time and money. Look before you leap. Buyer beware — you know the drill.

Before we part, I want you to notice something — how far youíve read in this letter. If I can earn and keep your interest this long, think about what I can do for you and your business.

Donít forget —

To schedule your FREE 30-minute telephone consultation, please call me at
1-224-698-7450 (Leave me a message) or email me at

(FREE 30-minute Telephone Consultation offer expires in 7 days)

And again, if you are interested in cutting to the chase and getting started working together on sales copy and/or your marketing strategy, feel free to call me right away at 1-224-698-7450 OR email me at


PS: If you want to take advantage of your FREE 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss how we can take your business to the next level, I cannot urge you enough to be one of the first 10 people to call me at 1-224-698-7450 OR email me at — and leave a message if I do not pick up. During our talk, you can ask me about sales copy, marketing techniques, systems or anything else. (This is a priceless value.)

(FREE 30-minute Telephone Consultation offer expires in 7 days)

PPS: Remember... I am a PROVEN Master Copywriter and Marketing Strategist with nearly 25 years of writing copy and doing promotions for the self-help and personal development business — selling millions of dollars worth of books, CDs. DVDs and live event tickets. I CAN HELP YOU DO THE SAME. Iíve already worked directly for (or promoted) a slew of the top self-help and personal development authors, speakers and trainers in the personal development and self-help business. (Outside of personal development, Iíve also written copy, selling a multitude of products and services, for some of the biggest brands in the world including Accenture, Jamba Juice, Successories, Rockwell International, LensCrafters, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and others.)

PPPS: I am only taking on three new clients at this time. If you are interested in cutting to the chase and getting started working together on sales copy and/or your marketing strategy, feel free to call me at 1-224-698-7450 OR email me at